Explore Creative Excellence: A Curated List of Domestika Courses Taught by Women Artists and Designers

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3 min readAug 10, 2023

Welcome to a world of creativity and inspiration! I’m excited to share a curated selection of my favorite Domestika courses, all led by talented women artists and designers. These courses have been instrumental in my creative journey, and I believe they can inspire you too.

Designing and Making Graphic Props for Filmmaking by Annie Atkins

In this immersive online course, Annie delves deep into the art of creating vintage graphic props that not only look authentic but also tell compelling stories. From the nuances of stamping and typing to intricate printing methods, you’ll uncover the secrets behind the props that transport viewers to bygone eras and fantastical worlds. For anyone passionate about film and design, this course offers a unique opportunity to blend both worlds. With Annie’s expert guidance, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the world of film set design and walk away with a stunning portfolio piece.

Creative Visual Diary: Learn to Draw Your Life by Pepita Sandwich

Embark on a creative adventure with Pepita Sandwich’s course on drawing and sketching. From capturing daily life to digital storytelling, this course offers a joyful exploration of art. Highly recommended for anyone seeking artistic inspiration!

Typography Design for Brand Storytelling by Ellen Lupton

Join Ellen Lupton, a master of visual storytelling, in her course on typography design. Learn to craft compelling brand identities that resonate through color, texture, words, and images. It’s more than just type; it’s about creating narratives that speak volumes!

Sketchbook Exercises for Artistic Growth by Sarah van Dongen

Unlock your creativity with Sarah van Dongen’s enlightening course on sketchbook exercises. Dive into characterful artwork, playful techniques, and overcome creative blocks. A journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution awaits you!

Becoming a YouTuber: Make Engaging Videos for Social Media by Katie Steckly

Step into the world of content creation with Katie Steckly’s empowering course on YouTube, Reels, and TikTok. Learn to plan, film, and edit videos that captivate and connect. Perfect for aspiring YouTubers and social media enthusiasts!

Professional Photography for Instagram by Mina Barrio

Transform your Instagram presence with Mina Barrio’s expert photography course. Learn to craft a personal style, communicate values, and edit like a pro with just your smartphone. Elevate your content and stand out from the crowd!

If you’ve explored any of these Domestika courses or have other favorites, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the replies! Let’s continue to support and celebrate women artists and designers, fostering a community of creativity and collaboration. 😊

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